PRP Therapy for Hair Fall Treatment

PRP therapy is one of the cosmetology directions in Trichology (science of human hair and scalp structure).

PRP injections have proven to be one of the most effective treatment for alopecia (hair loss) and baldness.

The recommendation is to perform the procedure from 2 to 10 sittings.

 Hair fall slows down in 2 to 4 days after the first PRP procedure, and the fall stops completely after 3 procedures.

 The process of hair bulb dying stops.

 Hair “switch” from the fall phase to the growth phase.

 After the first PRP procedure, the work of the fat glands is normalised and dandruff disappear.

 The growth of the fungi and bacteria on the scalp is suppressed.

 Hair do not thin out any more.

 The hair structure and diameter rejuvenate.

 Healthy hair starts to grow after full course of treatment.

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