Treatment of Excessive Sweating (armpit, palm, and sole areas)

Today, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) becomes more frequent, and it often causes emotional and appearance discomfort. Doctor Jonas Drąsutis, a surgeon of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Phlebology centre, tells more about heavy sweating and its reasons.

What botulinum toxin injections are about? How long have they been used as a way to fight sweating?

Botulinum toxin preparation is one of the main tools of fighting hyperhidrosis. It is manifest by a higher level of sweating than is normally needed to assure regular thermoregulation. Often the disease starts at adolescence, but usually becomes more acute at a later age.  Hyperhidrosis can occur in various body parts, but most often at armpits, palms, and soles. Sometimes, hyperhidrosis occurs as a consequence of other diseases (diabetes, contagious and oncological diseases).

Is it possible that I have developed hyperhidrosis? If you replied YES to 4 or more criteria below, it is likely that you have hyperhidrosis.


Heavy sweating is present for more than 6 months.


Heavy sweating is present at one or several body parts: armpits, palms, soles or other areas.


Sweating is even on both sides.


It occurs only at daytime.


Excessive sweating continues for almost the whole day.


You are below 30.


Hyperhidrosis tendency is present in the family.


Sweating increases when you are engaged in day-to-day activity.

Heavy sweating causes a great discomfort to a person. Excessive sweating certainly does not help in stress situations that each person often gets into; on the contrary, it creates many emotional problems both at work and in any other activity. This means that increased sweating is not only a physical, but also an emotional problem.

How can injections help decrease sweating?

Today we have a wonderful solution that helps solve this annoying problem. It has been proven by scientific research that botulinum toxin is the most effective method for hyperhidrosis treatment. During the treatment, multiple botulinum toxin injections are administered in proper zones at every 1-2 cm. Botulinum toxin helps diminish the sweating in the requested area. The effect is usually visible in 2-3 days after the injections. The effect strengthens and reaches its peak in 10-14 days after the injections. The procedure has to be repeated not earlier than in 6-8 months, when the sweat gland starts functioning again.

This treatment method has been practiced for many years, and it has been approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) since 2004 as an effective treatment for excessive sweating.

Botulinum toxin can be administered not only to armpits. Patients often complain about heavy sweating in the palm and sole areas. Botulinum toxin preparation can be administered to those problematic areas as well.


What are the pros and cons of the procedure?

The procedure will help to get rid of the undesirable sweating in the relevant areas for 6-8 months. Despite effective results, the procedure may be a bit painful, as multiple jabs are performed in the requested area. The jab spots may be irritated and red for several days, and small bruises may be visible.

Can a specialist with no medical education administer botulinum toxin injections?

As botulinum toxin is a medical drug, and it is necessary to know that the injections can be administered only by a specialist who has the right to do it, i.e. the one with a medical education – a medical doctor.

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