Buttock augmentation

During this surgery fat is removed from certain parts of the body and used to enhance the patient’s buttocks. Often this surgery is referred to as “Brazilian butt lift”. This is a natural alternative to using buttock implants.

Your own natural fat is used to reshape and enhance your buttocks. If patient has a lean physique that does not allow fat removal, buttocks could be reshaped with the help of implants.

Procedures performed by

Jonas Drąsutis MD/PhD


The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. In the case of adipose tissue transplantation, a special fat suction cannula is used to remove adipose tissue around the buttocks. This way, even before transplantation the patient’s buttocks appear more pronounced. The extracted adipose tissue is processed and prepared for injection. Through small cuts, fat is injected into different layers of the buttock soft tissue, thus increasing the chances of grafted fat survival. If implants are used to enhance buttocks, then the incision through which the implant is placed is made between the two buttocks. Later, this scar becomes hardly noticeable.


Results can be observed immediately after the surgery. Following the surgery, the results will be changing over time as not all fat tissue will survive. For this reason, you may need to repeat the surgery in order to achieve the desired result. Following fat transfer to any part of the body, final results are assessed after 3 months.


Transplanted tissue survival rate can vary greatly with each individual patient depending on their general health, bad habits and dietary choices. Therefore, patients are advised to refrain from smoking and other harmful habits following the surgery. We recommend that patients do not wear tight clothing, since it is likely to reduce the transplanted tissue survival rate. In case of buttock implants, special compress clothing should be worn. In both cases, patients are advised to avoid sitting for several weeks after surgery.

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