Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Prominent ears can cause great psychological problems, especially at school age. Such children become the subject of bullying by their peers. Ear plastic surgery is a cosmetic operation that aims to reduce auricular and ear prominence.

The most common patients are children, but this type of surgery can also be successfully performed on adults. It is best to operate preschool-age children (~6-7 years old), because their ear size has almost reached the size of an adult ear, but the cartilage is still soft and easier to correct. Moreover, it should be noted that this age is very  suitable to undergo the surgery due to psychological aspects, since it is expedient to do the correction before a child starts attending school.

Procedures performed by

Jonas Drąsutis MD/PhD

Procedures performed by

Simonas Kaupas

Ears are protruding when the outer part of the ear, known as the auricle, sticks out more than 15-20 mm from the skull. Such a condition can only be corrected surgically by performing an ear plastic operation.

The surgery can be successfully performed under a local anaesthetic, but in exceptional  cases, when the patient requests, a general anaesthetic can be used.

Surgery Procedure

If the surgery is performed using a local anaesthetic, the medication is injected with a needle and a syringe behind the ear. Together with a local anaesthetic adrenaline is used, which causes the constriction of blood vessels (vasoconstriction) and diminishes the risk of bleeding during and after the operation. After the injection, the excess of soft tissues (skin and subcutaneous) and adipose tissue is removed, the cartilage is weakened with a special tool to make it more flexible. The desired ear shape is formed with the use of nonabsorbable sutures. The wound can be sewed up either with absorbable or nonabsorbable sutures.

After the operation, ears are wrapped with elastic bandages, which in a few days can be replaced by a sport headband that will press ears and protect them from external factors. It is advisable to wear the type of dressing (elastic bandage and a sport headband) for about 4 weeks (day and night) and then for 2 more weeks at night or during exercise, going outside or while being engaged in other intense activities.

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