Eyebrow lift

This is a common surgery aimed to improve personal appearance. During the eyebrow lift surgery, also often referred to as the forehead lift surgery, skin above the eyebrows is renewed.


During the surgery, excess skin on the forehead is removed while muscles and other soft tissues under the skin are readjusted allowing the patient to see clearly. After the surgery the patient will have improved facial contours and visually more beautiful eyebrows. The position of the eyebrows plays a key role in human expression and it can cause a person to look tired, sad or unhappy. The aim of the surgery is to improve the position of the eyebrows, make sure the eyebrows are not pointing down and make the face look more beautiful.

Procedures performed by

Jonas Drąsutis MD/PhD


The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. During the operation, two cuts are made on both sides of the forehead alongside the hair growth line. These cuts allow to seperate all the tissues that affect the position of the eyebrows. Tissues are pulled upwards and secured in a new position. In addition, excess skin is removed during the surgery, as a result, the forehead looks smoother and the amount of wrinkles are visibly reduced. If required, while performing the eyebrow lift surgery, the upper eyelid is also often corrected. 


The effect can remain noticeable for a decade, but this surgery does not stop the ageing process, so the results change over the years.

Following the surgery, the patient’s face can be swollen and bruising may be observed. The most pronounced swelling is observed in the first days after surgery. Within 7 days after the surgery, the swelling gradually decreases and the haemorrhage goes down. However, it can remain for up to 3 weeks. True results are observed approximately 4 months after the surgery.

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