This surgery focuses on correcting the shape and size of labia minora. It is one of the most common types of female genital plastic surgeries performed not only for aesthetic purposes but also due to functional complaints related to it.

Procedures performed by

Jonas Drąsutis MD/PhD


The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. When excess tissue is removed, the size of labia minora is reduced allowing it to remain below the labia majora. As a part of this surgery it is also possible to restore the symmetry of labia minora when one side of labia minora is larger than the other.


  • Aesthetic appearances
  • Eliminates functional complaints concerning this issue

We recommend

The postoperative period usually takes about 2 weeks. No need to remove the surgery seams. Hygiene measures are recommended after each use of the toilet. Sexual intercourse or the use of tampons should be considered only 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

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