Rhinoplasty is a surgery aimed to improve the shape, size and proportion of the nose in respect to other parts of the face. 

With the help of the surgery, it is possible to remove the nose hump, reduce the size of the nostrils, adjust the shape of the nose tip or otherwise change the shape of the nose. 

Procedures performed by

Jonas Drąsutis MD/PhD


The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Two types of procedure are available including open and closed rhinoplasty. During the closed rhinoplasty, small cuts are made in the nasal mucosa. During the open rhinoplasty, larger cuts are made in the lower part of the nose and extend over to the nostrils. This surgery allows adjusting the nasal bone, soft tissues or nasal bulkhead. Operation technique may vary depending on the patient.


Surgery results depend on the main reason behind the patient’s choice to have it. If the surgery is performed because of a nose hump, then, following the surgery you can expect a complete removal of the hump or a straightened nose contour. Results will be visible in 1-2 months after the surgery, when the tissues heal and the swelling disappears.

Surgery description

The surgery is usually performed under the general anaesthesia, but minor corrections of the nasal shape can be performed with a local anaesthetic. All corrections performed during the surgery are discussed with the patient prior to the procedure.  Once nasal corrections are performed, surgical incisions are closed, nasal tampons are placed in the nasal cavity and outer nasal support is formed.

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