Thigh lift

This surgery improves the appearance of the thigh area by removing excess skin and fat layer. This problem appears especially significant to patients who have lost a lot of weight, when excess skin and residual fat tend to concentrate in the thigh area.

Procedures performed by

Jonas Drąsutis MD/PhD


The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. During the surgery, excess skin and fat in the inner thigh area are removed, thus narrowing the thighs and giving them more firmness. Often, this operation is combined with fat removal from other areas of the thigh, therefore shaping an even more delicate contour.


  • Beautiful shape of the thigh
  • Improvement of the inner and outer thigh contour
  • Excess skin and fat removal
  • Thighs gain more firmness

We recommend

Remaining at the hospital for 1-2 days following the surgery. The postoperative period usually takes about 2 weeks. For 6-8 weeks we recommended wearing a special compression garment. Physical activity should be limited for about 6-8 weeks. The postoperative scar remains on the inner thigh.


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